Our team of talented professionals enjoy a relaxed workplace environment where opportunity for growth and enrichment abound.


Our open-door policy encourages communication and collaboration and our teams work alongside partners from day one. There is freedom and opportunity to engage in meaningful work, inspire and mentor others, advance at your own pace, all while experiencing a healthy work-life balance.


"Stone Pine has given me the opportunity to be involved in a variety of committees in the firm. I appreciate this because I get to soak in more knowledge from the leaders at Stone Pine and it also builds my character through stretching my comfort zone."

- Dylan Meda, Manager

"I got lucky with Stone Pine. The work is varied and engaging. As a staff, I love that I get to work on both tax and GAAP assignments. My work day can be taken up by investor capital calls or distributions, preparing financial statements, or working on a tax return. Since each staff is assigned to their own funds, I get to see projects from inception to client delivery. This gives me exposure to a lot of different aspects of our business and allows me to learn and grow exponentially – the limited exposure was one of my biggest concerns when considering a traditional CPA firm.

We work hard, but the partners appreciate our effort and offer a lot of perks: generous PTO, generous health-care benefits, busy season meal reimbursement, overtime pay, catered Friday lunches, happy hours, personal offices, etc.

The mentorship here has helped me immensely; we have a mentorship and buddy program that help new hires onboard, but I find my managers and partners to be my greatest resources. If I have questions, I know I can walk up to any one of them and ask the question without hesitation. The first few months on the job, was full of training and guidance. My peers would offer help; my managers would sit down with me in my office and walk me through what I needed to do and how to do it. It felt amazing to receive such amount of support.

I was welcomed into the Stone Pine team, and I feel lucky to be here."

- Former Staff Accountant