Accounting Services


We work with you to streamline your back office accounting and bookkeeping functions. 


Private Equity Accounting and Bookkeeping  

  • Pay invoices and collect receivables

  • Calculate management fee and carried interest

  • Calculate adjustments associated with subsequent closes

  • Maintain general ledgers and supporting accounting workpapers, including partners’ capital and schedule of investments

  • Prepare financial statements

  • Issue compilation reports on financial statements


Private Equity Cash Management 

  • Monitor liquidity needs

  • Issue periodic capital calls to investors

  • Process distributions to investors

  • Initiate bank transfers and wiring instructions for client approval and release

  • Maintain banking relationships

  • Reconcile bank accounts


Audit Coordination 

  • Liaison between the CFO and the financial statement auditor

  • Control out of scope audit costs by drafting financial statements and preparing supporting schedules for your auditor


Contract Accounting 

  • Provide short-term accounting assistance with respect to portfolio companies in special situations, such as during start-up periods, workouts or periods of significant employee turnover

  • Provide direct accounting services to general partners and investment advisers